I'm back...

Wow! Here I am again entering the blogging world.

Today I decided I want to track my sewing antics and thought what better way than with a blog.

I contemplated starting an entirely new blog but when I logged into my old blogger account I realised it's rather fitting that what started as a place for me to share my outfit choices and contemplate my fashion sense will now be a place where I can share my hand made clothing (and other sewing ventures).

It appears I've always been interested in fashion (although I would certainly say my nail polish addiction (PolishedNZ) and Parenthood (2018+) had changed my focus. 
My style is now a lot more focused on comfort than keeping up with latest trends. I also tend to just go with my own flow and my ability to sew has certainly allowed this trait to flourish! 

Here you can expect to see unique pieces created by me. I'm hoping to focus on pattern reviews, reviews of new 'hack' attempts, and a general place to show case my sewing. I will likely be sharing photographs and content on both my Instagram and Facebook pages in addition to this blog so be sure to check them out if you're at all interested in following along my sewing journey.

In 2018 I discovered my love of sewing and started a Instagram account and Facebook page as a place to record my newest makes. Given my new baby was the primary inspiration and focus of my sewing at that stage I choose the "brand name" TinyKnightNZ. Two years on and I'm still at it - mind I have branched out a lot more into adult sewing for myself in addition to children and baby wear for the Tiny Knights 🤴 (and maidens 👸) in my life. 

You'll noticed the old blog content here from A Girl With Some Clothes - that title and phase is gone.

I am now the proud mother of two Tiny Knights 🤴🤴 so feel it's fitting to use this "title" for this sewing blog. 

I've you've made it this far, thanks for reading and I hope you can find some enjoyment in following along my blog and sewing experience 😊

Stay tuned for more excitement! 

Tiny Knight checking out 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦