Good Vibe Joggers by Ellie & Mac

We all need comfy pants right!!! 

I absolutely love the look of many designers comfy pants (think etc, Augustine, home Lee to name a few).

Now for the most part I do love to support NZ made where possible and I've bought a few things from theses brands, but the pants I have ended up buying have just never been right for me!

I decided to Branch out and try sewing myself some joggers.
I have actually made some in the past through some heavy pattern hacking and winging it. That was hard, and far from perfect. So when Ellie & Mac had the good vibes joggers on sale I decided to snap them up! 
The good vibes joggers feature:
"Zipperwelt pocket option ;Side stripe option; No trim pattern pages; Five length options noted in description; Two waistband options"

As per the guidance I sewed one size larger than sizing guide suggested for the legs but kept cuff and waist band measurements the same (in my case I'm XL and sewed XXL for the legs).

I absolutely love the fit! And it was a really easy sew.
I actually drafted my with side seam pockets and made up a little "hack" to prevent my pockets from stretching out (written below). 
I did try stripe matching but think I'd cut these slightly off grain so the stripes aren't perfect on the sides. 

Ready for photos!? 

As for the pockets, this pattern comes with zipper pockets and 1) I wasn't ready to attempt sewing zippers into knit fabric and 2) I'm actually not a huge fan of zippers (they chip my nail polish too easily lol).

To add my own pocket I just drew a shape I liked on the front pattern piece and added relevant seam allowance. I can do a blog post on adding pockets sometime 😊

Now my "hack" which I haven't come across before is to sew a thin strip of grosgrain ribbon into the pocket seam where the pocket lining meets the pant front.
Then fold over and top stitch.
This hack means my pocket doesn't stretch out when sewing or wearing.