Me made May

Me Made May 2020

Well today is actually the sixth of May 2020 but given I've restarted blogging and in the sewing world May is "me made May" I couldn't let this month slip by without posting my hand-sewn outfits of the day. 

To be fair I'm almost at a stage where I've sewn so much for myself and my boys that one of us is likey to be wearing something every day just by chance. I haven't been planning any of the big Tiny Knights outfits as hubby usually ends up dressing him each morning. Seeing him in me-made each day is just a pleasant surprise 😉

So for this month, I'll try to post our outfits everyday with a wee blurb about the patterns and/or fabric. 

The OCD in me is disappointed I didn't start posting on May first - but I'll be sure to label each post accordingly. 

For now check out these two baby bodysuits finished just in time for me made May.

These are the Eeny Meany Miney Mo ("EMMM") pattern by peek-a-boo patterns. 

This pattern features HEAPS of options including bodysuit, hoodie, dress and a mash of those.

I used red (which looks some what pink on reflection) Merino and a medium weight cotton Lycra.