Brindille and Twig - Spring romper

Today I want to show you the Spring Romper by Brindille &Twig

This is actually one of the first clothing patterns I sewed when I first got into sewing, almost two years ago! 
This pattern says its for knit fabric, however I've used cotton woven fabric for almost all the ones I've made.

As you can see above there are two leg length options. The pattern is designed for pockets on the front panel and elastic; but I'll show you below how it looks without either!  
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Now for the best part.... Photo Spam!!!!
Here's one of the few pairs I've made using knit fabric and in the longer leg length.
This Navy one is made with light weigh gauze fabric from Spotlight. For this romper I omitted the pockets by cutting two lining pieces (one from lining and one from front fabric- which in this case were the same fabric)
Yes, the emojii's are a bit weird but allow me to cover Tiny Knight's face for use on social media.

This spotty romper better shows the lining vs main fabric options and highlights the difference between with pockets and without. 
This one features pockets, as you can see the usual front piece is a top and bottom piece to allow the cut out pocket shape.

This one below omits the pocket by cutting two lining pieces. 
This is actually a high quality cotton pillow case I up-cycled. I wish I could find a similar fabric as I love the asymmetrical spots 
This Pooh Fabric is also from a pillow case.

These super cute Dumbo and Christmas tartan rompers (respectively) are made from Quilting Cotton from Spotlight. 

Here's my favorite Christmas one using a thicker cotton which I found at an op-shop-I think it was actually a table cloth or large cloth napkin. 

This bird print one is actually made using upholstery cotton which resulted in a more structured design. I also left the elastic out the bottom hem to give it more of a dungaree feel. 

And finally, here is a bit of a more interesting hack. instead of shorts/pants I turned this one into a dress for my niece. it was actually REALLY easy to do this (easier than the original pattern). To do this I simply drew a straight line across from the side to the fold line instead of cutting up the curve for the crotch. 

I also made up a bit of a hack to create an enclosed inner seam ... essentially you sew the inner leg seam right sides together and then pull it right side out through the top bib. Then fold the top of the bib hem down to top-stitch.
This hacking then got me thinking and able to create a fully reversible romper. Here it is without leg elastic, but that would be just as easy to add by stitching it into place before pulling everything right side out through the bib piece.

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the photos of my sews using the Spring Romper!
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