Duck Butt Designs - Plain Romper

Those of you who know me, or who have read previous blog posts will know I’m a sucker for a versatile pattern!


Well let me show you the plain romper by Duck Butt Designs. I chose this romper after a lot of “research” comparing all the rompers I could find by various pattern companies.

I ended up choosing this one as I’d sewn Duck Butt patterns before and found them good (not perfect but very usable) and the price was good ($5, but I’m 99% sure I got this free with a first time purchase discount code when I signed up to the newsletter). I knew a plain basic romper pattern would come in handy for pattern mashing too.


On reflection I haven’t made too many of these. I suspect that’s because as the Tiny Knight is getting bigger and hubby finds them annoying to put on I just don’t reach for them anymore. They’re a bit tricky in winter when you have to take the whole thing off for nappy changes… but for summer these are great! One layer of clothing without worrying about it riding up to expose the tummy when zooming down the slides!


This Dino one is the first one I made.


This nickelodeon fabric one has a lap shoulder hack (I just winged this – which I might show you in another tutorial)


This is one of my favourite hacks- the plain romper mashed with the Declan top from Peek-a-boo. This fabric is from Ellbee Fabrics and can always be ordered through the print your own function. 


And finally, just a basic plain romper in this Star Wars Christmas fabric! This is one of my favourites because I love Christmas!


You can find the pattern here. Make sure to sign up for their newsletter as I’m pretty sure you get a first time buying discount code.