Kairuku Skirt - pocket hack

I did it! I added pockets to this beautiful skirt! I love the rouched front and wanted to give it a comfy casual sort of look and thought pockets would be just the thing!
I knew that patch pockets wouldn't work as I didn't want a bottom seam showing so I came up with a sort of folded design.

I tried to get photos to help it make sense.
First I drew a line where I wanted the top of the pocket. I then took a scrap piece of paper and drew a straight line where the top of the pocket would be, and a tiny line at the bottom of the pocket so I'd remember where to fold (I used my phone to measure the right size). I folded the paper and made sure to have an inch or so excess at the top of the pocket once folded for gluing the pattern pieces back together.

I cut the pattern piece where I'd drawn the top of pocket line and glued the top of the pattern piece to the scrap piece of paper.

Then, I folded up the scrap paper to line up the pocket top (first photo below). Then I folded the top pocket back down in line with my pocket line on the original pattern piece. I applied glue to the folded top and glued the bottom pattern piece to this sticky line. 

This is how it looks once all glued. The folded scrap paper is the shape/size of the pocket. 

Then I marked notches so I'd know where to fold and cut out the shape of the pattern (while the pocket piece was folded up). This second photo is what it looks like now unfolded.
I used this new pattern piece to cut a (now very long) side piece.

When sewing I stitched a straight stitch at the bottom of the pocket to hold it folded (right sides together) and then sewed a basting stitch down each side to hold the pocket shape while sewing.

Then pinned and sewed the side to the centre panel.

and, Ta Dah! A beautiful skirt with pockets!!! 

You can purchase the original pattern here.

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