more Little Kiwi's Closet "woollen" vests

I decided to sew up a couple more "woollen" vests since my first one turned out so well!! 

This one is made using black fleece and quilting cotton from spotlight. 
I added patch pockets to the fleece side. To do this I cut a cotton "outter" and fleece "lining" for each pocket. I sewed right sides together around the top, side and bottom seam. Then turned through the open side.

I lined up the open side seam with the side on the fleece outer piece, then stitched the bottom and side onto the fleece front leaving the to of the pocket open. When I stitched the vest together I was sure to catch the side of the pocket into the side seam. 
And there you have it, a lovely fleece lined square patch pocket.

The second vest I made is from people fleece and cotton poplin from spotlight.
For the pocket on this one I cut two pocket shapes from "outer" (poplin) and "lining" (fleece). Then sewed right sides together around the sides and bottom curve. Then turned right side out through the open top seam. 
I trimmed the outer top piece a bit, and because fleece doesn't fray I just folded down and top stitched. 

Then placed the patch pocket where I want it and stitched down the sides and curve, being sure to leave the top open. 
I love this girly look! Especially with a unicorn in each pocket!! 

As always, be sure to tag me in your creations if you make a woollen vest or as any patch pockets! 

You can get the free vest pattern here; the paid coat pattern (vest with more sizes and sleeve options) here; or find little kiwis closet website here.