Scrappy Soho

You may remember my previous post about the Soho pattern by Halla. 

It's such a lovely shape I knew it would make the perfect jumper!!!
I've been hoarding these pretty scraps for a long time and wanted to put them to good use; thus the scrappy soho was born!

Be warned this is a bit of a labour of love and much more time consuming than the basic soho pattern.

I'm sure this will work for any top pattern- I really like the look of a raglan sleeve with this scrappy style; so just choose what ever top you like the look and fit of.

First you want to trace the front pattern piece onto some scrap paper (or what ever you use to trace patterns) and cut so you have a full front piece. 

Then play around with the scraps to get them into an arrangement you like; I was sure to give a lot of overlap so I knew I could cut out shapes with a decent seam allowance. *Unfortunately I didn't photograph this part.

Then you want to draw out your design for the scraps. Be sure to keep in mind the order you can sew scraps. For me, I didn't want to be sewing a big point into the middle of another piece so opted to sew one straight line onto another and made sure to cut the pieces like this. 

In order to save time I just cut out theses shapes and added seam allowance directly onto each fabric scrap. If you want you can trace each shape onto paper and add seam allowance to create a template.

Then you want to cut the shapes out! I draw directly onto fabric using a wash away pen. - I cant wait to put it all together!!! 

Now it's time for sewing. I created sections and labeled them (1a, 1b, 1c; 2a, 2b etc.) so I'd remember what order to sew. I also used this photo if I forgot what piece goes where and what was an outside edge or hem piece (as they don't have seam allowances and I didn't want to sew the wrong sides together).

Once the front piece is done I double check it fits the pattern piece and trim away any excess.
I didn't want the raw seams rubbing or showing so decided to cut a piece of thin pink cotton which I used like a lining. I just laid the scrappy front on top of the pink lining front and treated them as one piece when sewing the rest of the pattern as per instructions.  
Then I sewed on the sleeves and back as per the pattern instructions.

I actually was going to try the open cowl neck but after putting the top together I realized a cowl would be too much and would detract from the awesome scrappy front. I decided to go with the crew neck instead.
But I seriously cant wait to sew up a Soho Cowl neck or hoody!!!

yes! it even has a pocket!!! :)
To make this I cut two of this shape piece (scrap piece). I laid the two scrap pieces on top of each other, so the piece I wanted on show was on the top. I then cut the corner off the top piece to expose the solid pink piece behind. this solid pink will become the pocket inner. I then cut a strip of fabric 2" wide and folded in half. I sewed this with raw edges to the raw edge of the pocket opening to create a band. I folded the seam back into the pocket and top stitched. I then laid the outer pocket (stripe) on top of the pocket back (pink) and treated them as one piece when sewing.
If I was to do this again I would probably make two openings for the pocket. 

Overall, I'm very happy with the end result and love that I've made something pretty and reduced fabric waste! 
What do you think?

If you make your own scrappy project I'd love to see! Tag me on instagram or facebook (@TinyKnightNZ) or drop a link to your blog below!