A 2021 Recreation: Repainting my first nail art design

A 2021 Nail Art Recreation:
Recreating my first Nail Art design 

So as I enter 2021 I thought it was time to look back through some of my older posts. 

Here's one I found from 2012. My first ever attempt at nail art.

Nine years on, and let me say, I have learned and grown so much. Past Hannah was clearly so proud of my first efforts, and so she should be! I was going out of my comfort zone and trying something new. With an unstable hand and no understanding of good tools to use  I managed to create something stripey and spotty. 

Then on to 2014 saw me deep in my nail art obsession. I went through a phase of recreation (don't ask me why).

Here is the recreation I painted in 2014; a vast improvement on the original design! 

I sit here with even more knowledge of how to keep my hand stable, how to clean up the cuticles, and even a great deal of improvement of how to take nail polish photos! (despite my current phone being less than the best ::cough it's not an iphone cough::)

and some other shots on an unsuitable bright pink background! what was I thinking!? hahaha

Now on to present day. A 2021 attempt to recreate - almost NINE years since my first nail art design was published!! 

If I'm honest, I don't love these. The design was fun but it's possible the colour combo that's throwing me off.  
Annnnnnnd thanks again Revlon Red for that wicked smudge on my pinky nail! (Gah!) 

So whadda ya think? 

To those of you starting out, I say: Don't give up. Don't be intimidated by other nail artists who have been at the game a long time. It takes practice and patience to develop your skills. Keep doing what you love! Keep your hand resting on the table to stay steady, invest in a good brush, get a good top coat and find a way you like to clean your cuticles. 

so dear reader, you love nail polish and still do, or maybe you've gradually parted ways with what was once a huge passion in your life? Whatever the case; Maybe it's time you recreated your first nail art design? Tag me on your socials or pop a comment down below if you do! I'd love to see how you get on :D


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