New Nail Art Challenge // Nail Art

 Since I'm aiming to spend 2021 focused on prioritizing my self-care I decided to start with a bang and participate in a nail art challenge.

I found this one on Instagram though a cute nail art account.

I know, I know, today is the 4th! I guess I lost track of time over the relaxing public holidays. 

Well here's my attempt at some "mittens".

I had such high hopes of how I wanted this to look. I really wanted to achieve a cable knit look on the pinky and thumb. It turned out nothing like I thought. But I surprisingly love it anyway 😂
(Excuse the lack of proper clean up)

I wanted to use bright summer colors to match the weather here (yes, I know, I'm painting WINTER themed nail art).

The stunning pink base is Madam President by OPI 
Its one of my faves!!!! 

Well, hope you enjoy! 
See you on the 6th for some predictable ski nails.

💕 Hannah