New Zealand Pattern Companies


So today I thought I’d write something a bit different. Someone in one of my sewing groups asked the very sensible question – is there list of NZ pattern companies? so here it is:

a List of New Zealand Pattern Companies

I didn’t know of one. So I thought I’d make one!

I hope this is a handy resource for anyone and everyone; please comment below if I’ve missed anyone.

 I'm aware already, that there are companies missing - don't be shy! let me know who in the comments below. 

Now I thought this would be an easy task, a quick google and it should yield many results…. WRONG. I searched on google and was amazed with the number of results. I’ve surprised myself and am actually really excited to see the number of NZ designers.

Now I know I’m going to make a conscious effort to try sew more NZ designers.


Here’s the list of New Zealand pattern Designers:

Papercut Patters

Papercut Patterns are based in sunny Nelson and describe themselves as “…a New Zealand based pattern design house that celebrates the combination of women’s individuality and eco-friendly fashion.” In addition to being stocked in stores across the globe they also sell PDF copies of their patterns.

It’s worth noting here that their patterns are listed in USD; They have a facebook page but as far as I can see no facebook groups.


The Sewing Revival 

According to their info page on the website the Sewing Revival was started by Janine who grew up in rural New Zealand. A long way from shops and fashion runaways she learned to sew out of necessity.

The website says “Our mission is to ensure patterns are simple enough to ensure success and different enough to celebrate.” Sounds ideal to me!

It looks like the Sewing Revival sells Women and Youth patterns and it appears there is a freebie (however I couldn’t get that link to work for me!)

Looks like you buy the pattern by the size and you can select from a drop down menu from various currencies (including NZD, AUD, and USD) I’ve found them on facebook however cannot see a facebook group.


Below the Kowhai 

Below the Kowhai has a cute website with the sweetest family photo on the about me page. Sophie describes her journey and inspiration and introduces her family here I’d totally suggest reading if you’re someone who loves to support small and find out about who you’re supporting.

Below the Kowhai finds it name as Sophie and he family live “..under a giant tree in Christchurch, New Zealand.”

Below the Kowhai stocks physical and PDF patterns (although I’ve never bought a physical) for women and kids (there’s even some cute bag patterns in there – including this free one here! 

The website has a review function, which personally I love for any product!

It looks like there is a currency drop down menu, which has kindly auto selected NZD for me; they have a facebook page and a facebook VIP group here  

Little Kiwis Closet (this is my affiliate link - I earn a small commission on any of your purchases) 

LKC didn’t even pop up on Googles first page when I searched for New Zealand Pattern Designers.

LKC is started by Lydia who introduces herself and her family on the about me page it sounds like LKC started after Lydia delved into the “world of clothing patterns” after designing a pair of pants for her then infant, Portia.

LKC patterns are all listed in USD so keep this in mind when adding to your cart (darn exchange rate). They have a great supportive network on their facebook group and you can like their facebook page here.


Trish Newbery 

As the name would suggest Trish Newbery patterns are designed by Trish who is a fashion designer and teacher. Trish has an impressive repertoire of awards and achievements which you can find on the “about me” section

Trish takes pride in being 100% Pure New Zealand and has a0 Projector files which can be used and avoid paper wastage all together.

Trish has a large collection of patterns which appear to be catered to women.

Her products are listed in USD; I’ve found both a facebookpage and facebook support group 


Twig and Tale

The Twig and Tale website features beautiful earthy photography and natural motifs a true reflection of their pattern style. The about me page says “our sewing patterns embrace simple, step-by-step construction and the timeless charm of natural materials”.

Twig and Tale say “sewing is not just about creating things, but creating memories” – how sweet and how true!

Twig & Tale is for everyone who shares a love of creativity and an adventurous spirit—beginner sewers especially! It's a celebration of the innocence of childhood and the wonder of nature. It's about comfy clothes and warm things like hugs and capes and coats. It's about handmade, love, and imaginary play—featuring classic, simple patterns that inspire us all to tell a story. 

Twig and Tale feature patterns for kids, men and women as well as play accessories.

The base currency is in USD however there is a small drop down menu next to the cart icon.

Twig and Tale have a facebook page and facebook group as well as a facebook group and free pattern specifically catered to those sewing masks during the Covid 19 pandemic. 

Forget me not Patterns

Forget me not patterns believe in celebrating diversity and their tagline is "contemporary fashion patterns for women". 

Based in Wellington, New Zealand they boast a number of beautiful women's patterns including this freebie here

Their patterns are listed in USD; I've found their facebook page but cannot see a facebook group.

 Notable mentions of New Zealand Pattern stores:

Thanks to google here are some notable mentions of stores that sell patterns within New Zealand. It’s worth noting that these are NOT pattern designers in their own right.

Miss Maude -

Now I’ve never bought from this brand however was lucky enough to visit the physical store when I was off on a small town adventure in Greytown.

Miss Maude’s about us says they’re a boutique fabric and haberdashery store started by Emma. The Miss Maude name came about due to “…years of living amongst some of New Zealand’s most beautiful mountains.”  - how freaking cute!!!

While not a pattern designer specifically they stock a number of boutique pattern designers (including some papercut designs). The Assembly Line (Sweden) Merchant and Mills (Europe?) and Closet Core Patterns.

It looks like the webstore is in NZD and I can see a facebook page (


Sew Indie NZ -

Sew Indie NZ says they on a mission to bring the best of independent international pattern designers to New Zealand.

They appear to stock a variety of patterns which they sell in NZ dollars and ship domestically within NZ, thus cutting down the shipping cost and wait time to those who shop indie patterns from overseas.

It looks like it solely stocks physical patterns (hence the domestic NZ shipping) which may not be ideal for those PDF pattern lovers (like me!)

As the mission statement would suggest their items are in NZ dollars; their facebook page is here