Ten Fun Disney Sidekick Nail Designs // #monthlydisneynailartcollab

10 Disney Side Kick Nail Art Designs

 As you can see, I've become very focused on nail art lately. It’s been such fun rediscovering my passion! And it’s been incredible building digital friendships with people who share my passion!  


I was lucky enough to be able to participate in a really fun challenge where we all created some Disney nail art; the theme was "Disney sidekicks". The challenge was hosted by a fantastic nail artist, Maaikysnails(check her out on Instagram!)

Here's my entry: 

This one was fun and creatively challenging – it took a while to decide on what sidekick to choose as I love DISNEY! I just could not choose; they’re all great but I really wanted to do someone fun and underrated. I thought I’d try my hand at the faceless art style which is all the rage at the moment (not sure I completely pulled it off haha). 


Who would you choose as your favourite Disney sidekick? Drop me a comment below - who knows, it just might be my inspiration for some future nail art.  


Now for some more fantastic Disney Nail Art:

Make sure to check out some of the other fantastic nail artists below. You'll notice some of these photos have numbers indicating there's more than one photo. If you click the photo it will connect you to their original Instagram post and you can swipe to your hearts content!     

Let everyone know which ones you love and why in the comments below! 

*I couldn't include them all because there was so many of us!!! But check out my original post to connect to all the entries.

Special thanks to our host Maaikysnails. Check out her genie nails...
and look at this detail on the thumb and ring finger! 

Isnt this Cheshire Cat from flowsnailart great?

Who doesn't love BB8?? This star wars side kick by nailsbyflames is great!

snowbird_beauty has done the cutest nails with one of the newest sidekicks, Bruni from Frozen 2.

Under the sea, under the sea, down where it's wetter, down where it's better... 
Ironforge.Nails got it right with the Sebastian nails!

Another fun Cheshire Cat from aqua_siv
This look so simple, but so captivating and clear who it is - I love this! 

one of the most under rated Disney movies is Emperor's New Groove!
Hasn't kimsortanailedit done great with this mani of  Kronk?

Now isn't this Minnie Mouse Mani one of the cutest things you've seen! Another mani that is simple and captivating! You look at it and instantly know who it is.

You've done amazingly 2sistasnails! 

Those of you who don't know, Wall-e is like one of my all time favourite movies!!!
that.tiny.blonde has really impressed me with these cute Eva nails! 
Last of our list, but certainly not least check out this fun Beauty and the Beast inspired mani by Pawprintnails

and finally, check out this amazing collage put together with all the entries! 
you can click here to see all the entries with #monthlydisneynailartcollab.

Thanks for reading! If you liked this style of blog post let me know.

💕 Hannah