Upcycled Sewing: Pyjama Time - featuring Sleep Shorts by Halla

Upcycling Pyjamas 

So you love the fabric but the fits all wrong? You’re over the item but the colour suits you so well?

It’s time to upcycle!

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I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and this long weekend (in New Zealand) finally gave me the opportunity to do it.

It’s time to upcycle! This is a Hanna Andersson nighty which I turned into some cute shortie PJs using the Halla Sleep Shorts pattern (read to the bottom to get it free!) . Let me start by saying I LOVE the print of this nighty and the fabric from Hanna Andersson as always is luscious and soft.

My mama kindly gave me this nighty with a matching set for my Tiny Knights. The downside – It’s long sleeve and long length. I hate getting too hot when sleeping so despite how much I love the print it was just too hot (and too big) for night time use.

To do this up-cycle I started with my favourite PJ shorts pattern; the sleep shorts by Halla Patterns (it’s a freebie and yes, you need it!)

I thought I was soooo clever and used the hemline of the nighty as the hemline of the shorts (oh yeah! No hemming!!!) 

I laid the pattern against my inside out nighty to check I could fit both a t-shirt and shorts out of the nighty. I actually ended up adding length to the shorts (because yes, the nighty was THAT long). I also took one of my favourite tee patterns (Hey Babie by Halla - which features in these posts) and laid it against the shoulder to get the right length.

Being the hacker I am, I decided to do “cheat cuffs” to the hem line and sleeves so I didn’t have to do any hemming (talk about avoidant!). *if you want to learn more about “Cheat Cuffs” let me know below and I’ll make a dedicated blog post.

So my up-cycled t-shirt included a couple extra inches (like 3”) so I could double fold the bottom.

I used my overlocker (serger for the Americans) to sew the shorts as per the pattern (skipping the hemming) and sew around the hem band and sleeve hem cuff bands.

And voila, I love the finished set! I can see myself up-cycling much more in my future! Plus, I’ve got more Hanna Andersson nighties that are a bit to big for me. 

So what do you think? Love it or leave it?
Are you going to give up-cycling a shot?

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You can get the Sleep Shorts Pattern Here; and as promised get a free copy by joining the amazing Halla facebook community here (yes! it's genuinely great).