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Today for Instagram Accounts you should Follow I'm featuring me, PolishedNZ!

It was only right to start this series off with myself. It wouldn't be fair to ask others to share information about themselves without seeing what the end result looks like.

What’s your real name?


What’s your IG handle and how did you choose it?

My Instagram handle is PolishedNZ. To be honest I can’t really remember how it came about but prior to “PolishedNZ” I was “agirlwithsomeclothes” and then when I started getting obsessed with polish started “agirlwithsomepolish”. PolishedNZ just seemed a simpler name and good fit. I now have two Instagram accounts PolishedNZ and PolishedNZ_Sews

What famous person throughout history do you most admire?

Easy. Jacinda Ardern. I think she is an amazing role model and great leader. (In case you don’t know, she’s the current Prime Minister of New Zealand).

Like good on her. She set out to do what she wanted to do, worked hard to build a good reputation and work her way up in a male dominated industry. She had a baby while being Prime Minster and lead our country safely through a freaking pandemic.

How long have you been nail painting? And how did you first get into it?

Way long time! Umm, I can’t be 100% certain but I have a blog post dating back to 2012 with nail polish photos. I was definitely painting long before this; I’m the youngest of four sisters so I have been exposed to nail polish for a long time. My obsession with nail art started sometime in 2012 when I realised my nails were like little canvases!

Do you prefer swatching or nail art?

Oooh that’s a hard one. Theres something simple and beautiful about a deep glossy (and occasionally Matte) swatch. But if I really search within my soul I know that nail art is my jam! It’s such a fun creative outlet and when I’m doing it reminds me of my granddad, who is the best artist I know!

What is your favourite nail polish and why?

This is hard! I think I have two!
One is Butter London, Royal Navy. Its such a luscious deep blue and I personally love the shape and sophistication of the butter London bottle.

Second is this hideous metallic lime green. It’s a cheap brand and chips way too quickly but I love it. It’s like a little ugly duckling just waiting to become the beautiful swan.

Favourite nail polish brand?

I love many indie polishes but if I’m really honest I’m a bit of an OPI Obsessed gal. They’ve been faithful to me from the start. A very close second at this stage is colorclub. They’re a reasonable price and have pretty good pigment! (my favourite black and white are both colorclub).

Favourite nail polish colour?

I’m a pink girl through and through! Surprisingly my favourite polishes aren’t pink, but that’s probably because there’s too many shades of pink I love to just pick one...

Are you a natural or false nail (press on) fan?

I’m usually a natural nails girl, but recently I’ve discovered some pretty nice fake nails at Kmart. They give me the desired almond shape which I seem to never be able to achieve with my natural nails because they break so quickly.

What was the most difficult manicure you painted?

I find characters really hard to paint. I’d probably say that the Monsters University was really hard, just because it took a long time and I felt like I just couldn’t get it right. This Cat in the Hat one was also challenging because I was using Gel Polish. 

I also suck at water marbling – so any of those are hard!

What manicure is your favourite?

I am really proud of my Pix the Cat mani. Pix the Cat is a random fun Play Station game that was released on Play Station Plus years ago. I felt like my nails were pretty spot on recreations of the characters in the game, and it’s just an amazingly fun game to play!

If you could paint one person’s nails in the world who would you pick?

Easy. Jacinda Ardern.

What other nail art accounts do you think I should follow?

There’s too many to name but go to my “following” tab and find the list there 😉

So there we go...

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