Mani Swap with IronForge.nails

Mani Swap
with IronForge.Nails

Hi friends and followers! 👋👋

Today is a bit of a random short post.
To be honest I can't always be bothered writing long thought-out and "search engine optimised" posts 😂

I created this blog to share my spare-of-the-moment thoughts and impulsive nail art designs 😁

So here we go! I want to share with you the Mani Swap I did with Ironforge.nails.

We each chose a design to recreate. 
They chose my abstract coloured tips
And I chose their blue candy cane stripes 😍
Here's my recreation:
I mucked up and smudged a bit before photographing! 
can you spot the mistake 😂

And check out their amazing recreation! 
So what do you think? Let me know in the comments 😜