Ten Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Ten (10) Rainbow Nail Art Designs  

Hello! I assume you’re here because you’re a friend or family (hello mum!) or you’ve found me through Instagram or Pinterest (yay! The links work!). Ether way, I bet you’re here for some fun nail art 😉


In this post you’ll find ten, that’s right TEN rainbow themed nail art designs. And the best part? They’re all painted by me!!!


My, now infamous, Rainbow nails week has come to a close. I posted a photo (some days more than one) of a rainbow themed nail art design for the week leading up to Valentine’s Day 2021.


In case you missed it, here are all ten photos.


Monday 8th February 2021 featured this stunning nail art and outfit comb for my regular tag, Matching Mani Monday.

As you know, if you've read this post, the fabric used in this outfit was gifted to me from For Fabric Sake. The Nail Art features a new alcohol ink look I attempted on false (press on) nails purchased from Kmart.

To achieve the ‘alcohol ink’ vibes I mixed the polish with isopropyl alcohol and acetone to get a thinned blobby look.


Tuesday 9th February 2021 was a throwback to this rainbow mani I created when learning about the world of nail art videos. You can see the speed painting video of this manicure here.

This mani was created by painting various OPI shades onto my natural nails.


Wednesday 10th February 2021, was the day of my #loveislove collab. We had almost 50 nail artists participate in creating a manicure centred around the “love is love” theme. I used this opportunity to put on some red lippy and get in a model pose! (swipe to see) Haha.

This manicure is created with a variety of coloured polishes and brands, with silver holographic hearts thanks to ColorClub.


Thursday 11th February 2021 saw a resurface of my DIY nail polish phone case and nails to match. To make this case I literally purchased a clear phone case and painted glitter then rainbow strips on the underside (so the colours showed through the clear plastic). Nothing amazing here.


Friday 12th February 2021; a fun and pretty clean messy mani. To do this I painted a white base then used cheveron vinyls for the cheveron stripes and blobed the rainbow colours on and swipped across the with a wide fan brush to give this streaky rainbow effect.


Saturday 13th February 2021 was a throw back well and truly to my beginner days. My Instagram followers saw some of my oldest nail art designs created long before I purchased nail art specific brushes. This included a rainbow manicure made only using a toothpick to create coloured stripes and a gradient achieved with an eye-shadow applicator sponge. Not my finest work but certainly something beginner Hannah should be proud of!


Sunday, the Big Day. Sunday 14th February saw the release of my Valentine’s Day Nails collab. This was a collaboration with two other nail artists (Deylie_nails and NoSweatNails) and saw a HUGE group of people posting beautiful Valentine’s themed manicures.

I've linked the post for you to scroll through the many photos. 

This design was certainly a challenge to achieve and involved nail polish and acrylic paint on natural nails. It was a great opportunity for me to publicly show my support for the gay community and tied in perfectly time wise with Big Gay Out which was celebrated this weekend in Auckland.


So there we go, Rainbow nails week is ov…. Oh, no, wait!

I couldn’t let it go that easily!

One more goodie for ya’ll this one is posted today, Monday 15th February 2021 for Matching Mani Monday. For a twist today my Mani matches the Mini (say that ten times fast). This is the cutest baby onesie (bodysuit/wondersuit) from Bonds.

I love this onesie as it supports my view, Love is Love.


So there we go. For real! I’m done!


Which was your favourite rainbow manicure? If you recreate any be sure to tag me! 😊


::Peace | Love | Polish::