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Today you're in for a treat! For "Nail Accounts you Should Follow", All the way from Bangladesh, I'd like to introduce you to Amy!

An up-and-coming, New-ish account. I really suggest you check her out and give her a follow!!!

What’s your real name?



What’s your IG handle and how did you choose it?


I thought it would sound nice as I really like the word “lovesick”.


What famous person throughout history do you most admire?

I admire a celebrity (@zendaya) the most cause I think she’s a really successful woman.


How long have you been nail painting? And how did you first get into it?

I’ve been nail painting since I was 9 or 10 years old, I got into it when I was gifted a set of nail polish on my birthday.


Do you prefer swatching or nail art?

I prefer nail art over swatching.


What is your favourite nail polish and why?

F.U.N lacquer’s holo top coat, because it’s holo😂.


Favourite nail polish brand?

It’s color club, maybe cause holo taco don’t ship to my country.


Favourite nail polish colour?



Are you a natural or false nail (press on) fan?

I’m a fan of press-on’s which looks like natural nails and you can paint them.


What was the most difficult manicure you painted?

The most difficult one was my sunset mani for a sunset collab. Coming Soon!


What manicure is your favourite?

My favorite manicure is the negative space mani I did for an abstract collab.


If you could paint one person’s nails in the world who would you pick?

My little sister.


What other nail art accounts do you think I should follow?                                 

I really think you should follow @haysalto , @frail_nails and @friendly_nailorhood because they’re all amazing and super talented


Wasn't that a fun read!?

I seriously can't wait to see what Amy paints next. So far I'm enjoying her swatching videos, and we're planning a mani swap in the not too distant future! 

Thanks for reading- don't forget to follow Amy here!

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