Nail Accounts You Should Follow - @nailsbyagape

Today I'm so excited to share with you Lindsay's art work. Not only does she have a rad instagram account you should check out, she also has a youtube channel! (Go give her a like and follow)

Recently Lindsay celebrated her birthday, and in true Instagram Friend form a few of us got together and pained our nails in her honour to celebrate! 
Here's my sheep-y design inspired by her tutorial below...

 now onto the good stuff! 

Let's get to know @Nailsbyagape! 

What is your name and what are your pronouns?

Lindsay. She/her


Where are you from / where do you live?

 Illinois, United States


What is your Instagram handle and how did you choose it?


Agape is my Baptismal name. It means love in Greek.


What famous person throughout history do you most admire?

That's tough, but I'd say Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As a female attorney, I have always found her life story and career to be truly inspirational. 


How long have you been nail painting? And how did you first get into it?

About 25 years or so. My first memory of painting my nails was when I was around 11 or 12. I saw an advertisement for nail polish and it showed a French mani using a pretty light blue with a darker blue tip with a shimmery glitter top coat. I wanted my nails like that so much that I convinced my mom to buy me the polishes so I could try to do it. 


Do you prefer swatching or nail art?

I like them both but I think I prefer swatching. I love experimenting with nail art but my go to is usually a skittles mani. If you asked me in a year I'd probably say nail art though.


What is your favourite nail polish and why?

This is a hard decision, because I notice that I will be favoring certain polishes or colors depending on the time of year. Essie's Who is the Boss is a pretty pale blue/green that I realized was my go to as I had used most of the bottle and have since gotten similar shades by other brands (I don't think it is available by Essie anymore). It's light, fresh, and clean which is why I like it so much. When I'm feeling a bit more bold, I always go to Orly Breathable Detox My Socks Off, which is a turquoise creme. My other fav that I will be sad when I run out of is OPI's Envy the Adventure. It's one of their Infinite Shine 2 colors and I think was part of a 2018 collection no longer available.


Favourite nail polish brand?

OPI and Essie were my favorites for well over 15 years. While I still love them, I've found that Orly and Olive & June have been my favorites for awhile now.


Favourite nail polish color?

I sort of go through phases, but right now it's all shades of blue. 


Are you a natural or false nail (press on) fan?

Natural. I had one year of acrylics during my senior year of high school but have had nothing but natural since. I don't even use gel polish.


What was the most difficult manicure you painted?

My most difficult successful manicure was a deep water theme. All of the artwork was free hand and since I have a bit of a tremor in my hands, it was more challenging. I will say that I also find water marble manicures to be difficult because they are always a mess and look horrible when I do them. I also am still struggling with reverse nail stamping.



What manicure is your favorite?

For a plant themed challenge, I decided to paint something that they often do in those paint and sip classes - a tree with rainbow colored leaves. It turned out better than I thought it would! 

 My other favorite manicure, which is one I repeat at least once a year, is my newspaper mani. I transfer ink from a newspaper to my nails. I have a tutorial on my YouTube channel.


If you could paint one person's nails in the world who would you pick?

Tori Amos. She has been my favorite musician since I was young, and I have seen her in concert 5+ times. I would love to chat with her while doing something fun on her nails.


What other nail accounts do you think I should follow?

There are so many accounts I love for various reasons. Here are several that I particularly enjoy (in no particular order):






I'm also assuming that anyone reading this is already following @polishednz, but if you are not, you should be!

Thanks so much for reading! Let me know if you're enjoying this series.

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