Nail Art Accounts you should Follow: hgirls_nails

Nails Accounts You Should Follow: hgirl_nails

Today is really exciting! I'm looking forward to introducing you to Hannah from hgirls_nails! Not only does she share my name (which is pretty awesome!) she is the first person I got to talking with when I rekindled my love of nail art in late 2020.

Thanks Hannah for making me feel so welcome to the nail art community and introducing me to many new friends!

To celebrate Hannah and I created a 'mutual mani' where we were inspired by each others location (mine: New Zealand and Hannah's: LA).

Check out our mani's here:

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What is your name and what are your pronouns?

Hannah Rice. She/her

What’s your Instagram handle and how did you choose it?
Hgirl_nails. I choose it cause all my personal accounts are Hgirlrice so I did a spin in that

What famous person throughout history do you most admire?
Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She’s was a trial blazer for women and is the reason so many people in the United States has the rights we have.

How long have you been nail painting? And how did you first get into it?
I loved going to the nail salon with my mom when I was younger. As I got older I discovered painting my nails was helpful for my anxiety. I did my first actual nail art July 2019

Do you prefer swatching or nail art?
Nail art for sure

What is your favourite nail polish and why?
That’s like picking a favorite dog😅 I love holo polishes that get opaque coverage in one coat

Favourite nail polish brand?
Orly for mainstream, Red Eyed Lacquer for fancy unique polishes, Polish Me Silly for toppers

Favourite nail polish colour?
Blue color party

Are you a natural or false nail (press on) fan?

What was the most difficult manicure you painted?
Any manicure with a bunch of reverse stamping

What manicure is your favourite?
My rainbow tie dye mani that’s in my profile pic

If you could paint one person’s nails in the world who would you pick?
That’s a tough question. Either First Lady Michelle Obama or Vice President Kamala Harris

What other nail art accounts do you think I should follow?

There we go. Thank you so much Hannah for agreeing to feature on my blog! It's been really awesome to get to know you better and I hope you readers out there have enjoyed seeing Hannah's art!

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::peace, love, polish::