Babyface collagen review

Babyface Collagen Review
My thoughts on Babyface Collagen 

*gifted to me for review.
Today is a post I've had in the pipeline for a wee while. It required some background work you see. It's an 'experiment'. 
Today I'm reviewing Babyface Collagen.

I've been waiting to do a "nail health" post for a long time, and I promise it's coming!

One of the key elements I've been implementing (for my nail health) has been consuming collagen. 
I was lucky enough to be gifted some collagen from babyface and I wanted to use it long enough to give a fair honest review.

Now, I'm going to be completely frank with you. One week in someone asked me if I'd noticed a difference in my skin or nails. Back then, I hadn't. 
One week of use is not going to show you results in your skin, hair or nails. If you want to see a difference then you're going to need to commit! 

In saying that, there is one change I noticed from early on. I've had a lot less bloating and my digestion has been more "regular". 

I wanted to see it out through the month because I'm gonna be honest- I bloat like a blue whale at my time of the month. 🤣
Did I still bloat? Yes, but not nearly as much. 
In general I've found my stomach feels a lot better in terms of reaction to food (bloating, gas, constipation etc) 

So other than tummy changes I can't report I noticed anything in that first week.

It's been about six weeks now since I started using babyface collagen. 
Now I can definitely notice a difference. 

The two main changes for me are nail health and nicer skin (less break outs).

Nail health:

Trust me, I'm someone who knows my nails well. I'm gonna be honest, using dip powder wreaked havoc on my nails because I was less than gentle in my removal and did not consistently file/soak off. (Yes, I know, I know I keep telling you not to pick of your nails!) 

It left my nails flaky, brittle and thin. The length hasn't drastically improved over the six weeks, but the new growth on my nail bed feels seriously healthy! 
I know there could be a number of factors contributing to this, but I do genuinely feel like the collagen has made a difference. 

Skin Health:

Secondly, I've noticed an improvement in my skin. I've never "loved" my adult hormonal skin and I'm prone to uneven tone, flaking and deep rooted break outs (especially at period time!) 
I've been using babyface about six weeks now and can happily report that break outs are almost nil for majority of the month. During my period they are far lesser than they previously have been. 

As for changes to my hair. I'm not sure... I have very thick hair and wouldn't really be able to comment on my typical hair growth etc. Because I'm dyed blonde my roots are noticeable and I'm long over due a hair dressing appointment! 

So the question you're dying to know... 

Would I recommend babyface? 

Maybe more importantly, would I purchase babyface for myself? 
The answer is yes! 
Yes. Yes. Yes! 

In fact once this bag is empty I'll be getting more!
It's actually so smooth and tasteless. I drink it every day in my coffee and cannot tell the difference between coffee with or without it. 
I've even seen some great ideas of people mixing it into recipes and even avocado on toast! 

So please, if you're thinking of changing up your supplement routine or looking for something to improve your nail, skin and hair (and gut) health then check out babyface! 
In addition to being a great product, you'd also be supporting a small NZ company - win win.

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::Peace, Love & Polish::
Hannah xo