Swatching Saturday: Crazy by Picture Polish

Swatches of Crazy by Picture Polish

It's Swatching Saturday! 
The phrase I made up last week and I'm sticking with it 🤣🤣
Seriously, Crazy by Picture Polish will have you squinting in delight! (Is that a phrase anyone has EVER used before? Haha)
It's such a bright pigmented shade there's so much to love! 
This is two coats over a white base coat.
No editing required- it's literally this bright! You'll need sunnies 😎 or you'll forever be squinting at your nails! 
If you're an out there person you want this! And even if you're not "out there" you still want this. Put it on your toes? 😜
So what color should I swatch next week? 

Hannah xo