Swatching Saturday - Pride must suffer Pain by Femme Fatale

Swatches of Pride must Suffer Pain by Femme Fatale 

It's Swatching Saturday! 

Ok, I just made that up right now. 
But it has a fun ring to it right!?
Do you think I should make it a regular feature? 
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Today I want to show you this stunning swatch of "Pride must suffer Pain" by Femme Fatale.
As you long term readers will know I've only recently returned to the nail art world. I purchased this polish recently second hand from a Polish friend's destash. I have no idea how old this polish is, or what collection it's from.... But it's so pretty right!? 
It's actually a thermal polish.
Honestly the shift is so minor it's not very noticeable. I tried really hard to capture the shift by putting my hands under cold and warm water but it's near impossible for me to capture (mind you the sun was low so it was internal synthetic lighting).
If you're a hardcore thermal polish lover you probably don't need this in your collection. There are other more fun thermals out there, especially by Femme Fatale!

 If on the other hand, you just love good polish then you will want this! 
It makes for a stunning purple with a beautiful soft shimmer! πŸ’œ
So this was a bit different to usual. What do you think? Do you enjoy short blog posts like this with individual polish swatches? 

Are you burnt out from the same polish various poses? πŸ˜‚
Photos are featuring my beautiful top made by me using OTY floral cotton elastene fabric. 

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:: Peace, love & polish::