Peplum T-shirt hack - Bondi 22 by Sinclair Patterns

For those of you who don't know me I'm an avid sewer! 
I've been trying to really think about my wardrobe and setting myself a challenge to think "if I met someone I know wearing this, would I be happy?" - this is more specifically for the weekend as I'm always wearing my half finished sewing creations and casual activewear haha.

I'm also somewhat an apple body shape. Although my hip to bust ratio is more balanced than a 'typical' apple, I have a very large stomach/waist compared to my hip measurement. 

I recently read that "apple" body shapes suit clothing that draws the eye elsewhere - think detailed sleeves, lower necklines and a fake waist detail... So if course I had to pull out my favorite t-shirt pattern to give this a go! 

This is the Bondi 22 tee by Sinclair Patterns; with an angel sleeve (add on) and self hacked peplum.

For the peplum hack I literally just cut the front and back at my smallest part (just above natural waistline). Then I cut a 'bottom piece' about 1.5x the actual pattern piece size. I used pins to evenly space the peplum and a fork to create pleats. 

I'm so happy with how this looks! To be fair I still need to hem it up- I snapped some photos now so I could decide how long to actually hem it up by. 

Thanks so much for reading! 
Enjoy sewing.