Cute in an A-Line Skirt

Feeling cute a sporty in a slight A-Line skirt.
Doesn't the scrunchie just finish off the look 😆😆

I surprised myself by loving this outfit. 
Because i sewed it myself I could cater it more to fit my shape.

First, the skirt:
I opted for this simple front but cute scalloped hem so that it would draw the eye down, away from my tummy. The pattern actually calls for buttons down the front, but I just know that will extenuate my tummy.

I've also got elastic across the back because my back has a slight inward curve and often ends up smaller, in terms of pattern pieces, than my front (stomach). In future sews I'm going to keep this in mind and consider using a size down for the back.  

The slight flare (A-Line) to the skirt provides me a nice silhouette to fake the hourglass which also detracts from my apple belly. 

Cute shoes also help keep the eye away from the apple 🍎 

Up top, I opted for a simple dolman sleeve. Again, this is one I 
sewed myself. Although not obvious, the seam/stitching on the dolman creates some gatherings and also something different to a standard tshirt, drawing the eye up.
The wider neckline shows a bit of skin (but keeps it comfortable for me).
I topped it off with a statement necklace to break up the bust a bit. 

Overall, it's definitely a bit different to what I'd usually go for, but I 
must say, I do love it ❤️

Thanks for Reading!