Welcome to PolishedNZ!

Hi, I’m Hannah.

I’ve been a blogger on and off for YEARS . My blogging days started with agirlwithsomeclothes (you can still find those posts here- if you look at my older content); I focused on “outfits of the day” and gradually moved into doing my nails.

Someone asked me the other day how I got into nail polish and nail art. I actually cant completely remember, but I do recall two things. One, I decided to buy some new nail polish and for some reason (probably shipping costs haha) I ended up with a huge box of nail polish. Two, I recall feeling so “cool” painting one of my nails a different colour after seeing it on Pretty Little Liars; I was part of the trend! Haha.

 Following on from this I decided to branch out and start a nail art blog and Instagram account. At this stage I wanted to follow theme and named my blog “agirlwithsomepolish” – tongue twister hey?

Overtime I realised I wanted something catchier and created PolishedNZ.

PolishedNZ has been in existence for years; and over that time I’ve also discovered another passion – SEWING! I then went on to start my next blog; HannahsewsNZ

I’ve tried incorporating the two into one account but I can’t quite find a catchy title I love. I did have Polish and Sew for a little while there but I feel like it looses the specific focus on nail art and polish that PolishedNZ has built up.

Hannahsewsnz is inactive; as is agirlwithsomeclothes. PolishedNZ (where you are now, yay!) will be the one and only place I write my blog posts, both sewing and polish related. 

So more about me. Yes, I work full-time in addition to my polish and sewing hobby. I’m married to a wonderful (and handsome) man, and mama to two cheeky boys! (We are making a conscious effort to avoid putting photos of our boys faces on the internet so you won’t be seeing them, sorry). 

You may notice on my sewing posts and photos a “tiny knight” tag. That is because for a short time I decided to try my hand at sewing for business – I created Tiny Knight (inspired by my tiny knights) however discovered my passion quickly dwindles when I am forced to do it instead of when inspiration strikes!

I’ve done so much more sewing for me and my tiny knights since ‘quitting’ the business – and it’s been GREAT!

If you love sewing or polish then follow along. I’m not making any promises about how great the content will be. I'm sewing for me; painting nails for me. 2021 is the year I'm focusing on self-care and taking care of myself! 

Thanks for being here - if you enjoy the content let me know. It keeps me motivated and helps share my content with other like minded people. 

::hearts:: Hannah